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    "Our company, which was established in Ankara Siteler in 1993, has become one of the leading companies in the production and retail sector with its technological machinery investments. Our company, which previously produced contract manufacturing for national brands, has created its own retail store network with its production experience. Our company, which has retail stores in the country, also exports to a total of 15 countries such as Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Libya, Mauritania and Germany. Our company, which is among the leading furniture brands in Turkey, has taken on a social mission as well as its commercial mission and turned its profitability into investment. Viev Furniture is a well-established organization that evaluates the demands in the market well, constantly renews itself, knows that the way to success is based on customer satisfaction and produces maximum benefits to its customers. Our company, which adopts the principle of offering the best price without compromising the principle of quality product and quality service, is manufacturing fabricated in an area of ​​10.000 m². It is for this reason that Viev Furniture provides the follow-up of the whole process from the design stage of the products to the final consumer. It produces the products in Viev Furniture production facilities and offers them to the consumers in its own stores. It delivers the products you like from its own logistics warehouses to your home with its own logistics team. Since Viev Furniture does not work with dealers, regional dealers, wholesalers, etc., the products you like arrive at your home from their own production facilities. In this way, it is seen that you have paid at least 30% less compared to similar products. Viev Furniture; In addition to its affordable prices, it has achieved customer satisfaction with its production technology, product variety, design differences, understanding of quality and pre-sales and after-sales services. Viev Furniture production facilities are equipped with the latest technology Italian and German machines reached by the furniture industry. Quality controls at every stage of production are carried out with precision by expert teams and equipment. Viev Furniture has proved that by reducing production costs and ensuring that consumers have the same quality product with discounts up to 30%, the expensive product is not of high quality and that it can produce higher quality furniture at an affordable price. There are 3 merchants in the furniture sector, consisting of a manufacturer, a regional dealer and a sales store. All three of these merchants earn at least 10% to 15% profit from the furniture sold in order to continue their commercial lives. Therefore, the furniture sees at least 30-40% price increase from the producer until it reaches the consumer. Viev Furniture has brought a consumer-friendly approach to the sector and has gathered all processes from production to sales within its own structure. This approach is the biggest factor that enables it to offer quality to the end consumer at an affordable price. Viev Furniture, the sought-after brand of stylish rooms and tasteful spaces that appeal to all tastes, designs its products by foreseeing new trends without sacrificing comfort and quality. Viev Furniture, which has always adopted the principle of designing stylish, high quality and modern products; It has succeeded to be followed with enthusiasm in the furniture sector with its design products that combine functionality and visuality."
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  • Certificates
    TS- EN ISO 9001-2018, OHSAS 1801-2017, TS EN 1401-2017, TSE-HYB ve AVRASYA 2016 QUALITY AWARD
  • Contact
    info@ vievmobilya.com.tr
    0542 348 81 23
    Ulubey Mah. Şenkal Sok. No:32 06360 Siteler, Altındağ / Ankara
  • Company Size
    Small (0-500 employees)
  • Export Size
  • 3.7


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