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    "Our journey of branding started in the 1990s. In a short amount of time, we became a great deal of expansion. In total 3 factories with a total indoor area of up to 150 thousand square meters and from a single store more than 140 branches across Turkey. We have achieved a large expansion with over 2000 employees in our company. We continue to grow consistently. We produce all the furniture needs of a house in international quality standards. From seating groups to dining areas, from bedrooms to teen rooms, from multi-purpose cabinets to coffee tables. We are a company who always follows the latest designs and with our handy and functional furniture and an approach that offers quality at an affordable price, we are one of the most popular brands in the industry. We always take into account the needs and expectations of consumers and offer the most comfortable form of comfort with an accessible design approach. As Turkey’s productive power, we are on track to meet new targets. We have decided to manage all the processes from production to delivery in our own capacity to support the customer. We bring a different approach to the furniture industry by presenting our products to %40 more convenient. We ensure that consumers from all walks of life have affordable access to any products needed by anyone who wants to get married or renovate their home. We have a rightful reputation as “Turkey’s Wedding Package” with our consumer-friendly approach that adds convenience, beauty, and quality of life. In 1974, we set out to offer a more comfortable and high-quality sleep experience with a desire to create new standards beyond expectations. We directed our investments to technology, human resources, and R&D efforts to achieve our goals. We have become one of the most prominent facilities in the industry of Turkey with our production center, skillful craftsmen built on a 60.000 square meter area."
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    0312 950 47 80
    Havaalanı Yolu 13.Km. Tevfik İleri Mah. Emek Cad.Polat Sok.No:3/5 Pursaklar/Ankara
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    Small (0-500 employees)
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  • 4


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