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    "With roots dating back over a century, Lazzoni is much more than a design house. The core of Lazzoni is in its first three letters: “Laz”. The Laz Tribe is known for building wood Serander houses in the Black Sea coastal region of Turkey at the northeast border of Georgia. Our first generation founder, Laz Hasan the carpenter. Osman, a 2nd generation carpenter, migrated to the capital from his Black-sea village. In less than 10 years he founded Bulut Kolektif and started the first modular kitchen manufacturer of Eastern Europe and Turkey. (above) Our 2nd and 3rd generations standing in front of Lazzoni’s first carpentry shop (1960). 1990 Italian Inspiration nspired by late-century modern Italian design and crafted with materials supplied from Italy and Germany, all of our products are created with minimal affect to the environment. This style of healthy living that we aspire to is learned from our ancestors. (above) 1990’s Massimo & Lella Vignelli design reception desk is an inspiration to Lazzoni’s modern design vision. 2002 Giuseppe Nicoletti Our 2002 partnership with the Giuseppe Nicoletti family, who have also been handcrafting leather sofas for generations, steered our vision for international growth. Working with Giuseppe and his son Eustachio inspired us to start our New York Collection which is retailed throughout our US design showrooms today. 2005 Lazzoni Manufacturing Facility Yaşar Kababulut, a 3rd generation member of the family, opens the 25.000 m2 modern manufacturing facility in Akyurt, Ankara with plans to expand Lazzoni reach overseas. 2006 Top Quality Products Supplying our leather from Gruppo Mastrotto (Vicenza, Italy) and our hardware from Hettich Germany and Blum (Austria), we constantly seek out the best suppliers to hold our “Best quality for the price” promise. Thanks to Turkish craftsmanship and our Laz Tribe’s skillful carpenters, our 4th generation members are still serving New York designers and clients with the same detailed manufacturing that we had a century ago. 2012 America-Asia and Europe! With the opening of many branches worldwide, Lazzoni’s global branching process has begun! Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia becomes the first showroom in global expansion plans. 2015 Lazzoni Hotel Lazzoni Hotel, located in the historical center of Istanbul, opens its doors to guests. Providing a home away from home for its world wide clientele. 2016 New Logo, New Design The Lazzoni logo was redesigned and modernised in 2016 in order to speak to our current brand focus. 2018 EPA - Environmental Protection Agency We do not compromise quality to provide affordable pricing. High-end production is guaranteed by exceptional century-old craftsmanship with great attention to the smallest of details, infusing tradition and style into every piece that carries the Lazzoni name. The Environmental Protection Agency is an independent executive agency of the United States Federal Government, tasked with environmental protection matters. Lazzoni was the first company to produce its goods with EPA certification in Turkey. 2020 London, The Capital City Of Europe With its new store opened in London, the capital city of Europe, Lazzoni continues to provide its products to design capitals throughout the world with 24 showrooms. The factory volume increased to 48,000 square meters in order to improve service quality and supply the increasing demand. 2021 4th generation family Presently run by the 4th generation family members, we greet our customers in New York with the same excitement as our ancestors did a century ago. In our Lazzoni family we have a promise. A promise to ourselves to always preserve our ethos and integrity for creating furniture and homes with feeling and dedication to every square foot. A promise to our loyal customers to challenge the status quo. To develop functionality within design that is not defined by space. A promise to never laugh when the occasional passerby falls asleep on a bed in the showroom. And above all, a promise to keep spreading the philosophy of the Lazzoni lifestyle for generations to come. His craft still stands tall today. The wood structure is the Serander house, dating back circa 1897. Next to it is our first assembly car, Opel (1961). 1960 Bulut Kitchen and Woodwork"
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    ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 27001, WIPO, LEAN SIX SIGMA, FSC, FR, ICRO, CARB2/EPA, CE
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    +90 312 847 55 33
    Güzelhisar Mah. , Çankırı Bulvarı No: 49 Akyurt/ANKARA
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    1000+ employees
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  • 4.5


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