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    "The foundations of Gürsan were laid in 1976 by Doğan Yakupoğlu in Hasköy, where is our administrative and logistics center today. To this long journey, we started by producing office chairs and metal spare parts. We have always been the pioneer of innovations and quality service. In a short period, we have turned into a facility that can produce at a high capacity thanks to our goals and our belief in success. We completed the process, thanks to deciding to institutionalize in 1989 to sustain the rapid growth that we aimed at and reach the appropriate organizational structure. We added a “project design” service to our production, export, retail, and wholesale areas by significantly expanding our activity fields. We have continued our goal of growing with strong and confident steps by signing large-scale projects in Turkey and abroad with all our excitement. We sent off a century with success and welcomed the age of technology and speed with our new vision. We have integrated all our infrastructure into developing technology in our administrative areas, furniture production facilities, and logistics units by adapting to the changing and developing technology. Our new store has been added to our family… We started to serve with our high-level architect staff and our collection of distinguished products, in Altunizade where is one of the easily accessible locations in Istanbul. Thanks to the satisfaction and sincerity of our customers, we have been continuing our service for 13 years with great pleasure. Our Geon Office brand has come to life as Gürsan’s eternity. Our new brand began to take its place in the project with its sleek lines and powerful collections. We continue to lean on Geon’s infinite sturdiness. We have managed to carry the Gürsan-Geon signature to the world with our increasing logistics power and high export capacity over the years. We established our Middle East project center in Iraq / Sulaymaniyah, thanks to our long years of project experience and product quality. With our 1000m2 store and 5000m2 storage areas, we have undertaken many large-scale projects in the private and public sector. We added a new one to our journey that has been continuing with excitement and determination for 45 years. We have added “GEON DESIGN” to our Geon Office brand by saying we are always colorful. We brought design lovers together in our Karaköy store with special designs, elegant touches. Our accessory collections will reflect your spirit. "
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    satis@gursanmobilya.com.tr - info@gursanmobilya.com.tr
    +90 (212) 256 62 30 (PBX)/Fax: +90 (212) 253 00 06
    Ahmet Turan Sk. No:2 Hasköy Beyoğlu – İstanbul
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    Small (0-500 employees)
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  • 4


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