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    "In the year of 1996 when we were founded in Turkey as a family business, we began to strive to incarnate children's dreams into their rooms. 1996 - FIRST EXPORT We Accomplished Our First Export to Ukraine We were thrilled on the day where we went on the road for the first time to introduce a Turkish brand to our globe*, sailing off from İnegöl to the rest of the world. 1997 - CILEK.COM We launched our website. 1998 Our first store was opened in Bursa. We started on the Guarantee System. 1999 Our first Tv advertisement was published *. Our Çilek Academy was established. 2000 We moved into our new factory. 2001 - FIRST STORE ABROAD Our first store began its services overseas. In 2001, we opened our first store in Malta. 2002 We received the first GS Quality Certificate. 2003 We switched to the second shift in production. 2004 We moved our General Management Office into Istanbul. 2005 - TURKEY SUPERBRAND Turkey's Superbrand: Çilek We spent a year where we shared the pride of being selected Turkey's superbrand with all of our employees, business partners, and customers. 2006 Our Family Constitution was written. We were admitted into the Popular Brand Status. 2007 We became a Turquality brand. 2007 We received the ISO 9001 document. 2007 - FURNITURE EXPORT CHAMPION 2000 Trailer Truck Went to Switzerland We never forget--we were the Export Champion and were exporting to 66 countries in the year where we sent our 2000th truck to Switzerland. 2008 We received the Most Admired Company award. We adopted the Toyota Production Philosophy. 2009 Our Cilek Foundation was established. 2010 We came in first place in Customer Satisfaction. We reached to a point of having 444 sales spots in 66 different countries. 2013 We signed the UN Global Principles Contract. We received the ISO 14001 document. 2014 E-sales has begun. We were selected as the Most Innovative Brand. 2015 We received the EU Perfection Award. 2015 We Built Our Ar-Ge Center. Our Research and Development Center was approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology on November 27, 2015. Our main goal is to systematically improve all works under the umbrella of product, process, and software development within the coordination of Ar-Ge. * 46 engineers and technical staff are employed by the Cilek Ar-Ge Center. 2016 The World Bank declared us an International Brand. 2016 We established our Cilek USA Company in California. 2016 We adopted the philosophy of Simple Office. 2017 We Built Our Design Center. We built our Cilek Design Hub design center in the very same year we were awarded the Design Turkey Best Design Award. *Çilek Design Hub As the “essence” of the winding “center”, the office of the Directorate General of Strawberry is a design center consisting of industrial designers, architects, and graphic designers. From the birth of the product to meeting customers in stores, all product, graphics, visual editing, and store design processes have been collected in-house under one roof and a common language aims to provide. Çilek Headquarters is a design center consisting of industrial designers, architects, and graphic designers as the  ""core"" ""center""  of the design. The aim is to collect all product, graphic, visual arrangement, and store design processes in one house under one roof and to form a common language from the birth of the product to the meeting with the customers in the stores. The design team, is engaging in unique designs that embellish the dreams of young people and children, take care of their needs, ergonomic, innovative, fun, quality, safe and environmentally sensitive, new emotions and new experiences with their motto of  ""producing dreams"". 2018 We have purchased the brand and model rights of the company CS Schmal Möbel 1896 Germany. 2019 We established our CS Schmal Office in Bad Salzuflen. 2020 We made it into the top three in Turkey's Most Admired Furniture Category."
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    ISO 27001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 9001 / GS Quality Certificate
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    +90 224 721 28 66/Fax: +90 224 721 30 70
    Kurşunlu Mahallesi, Kurşunlu Sanayi Cad. No:10 İnegöl 16420, Bursa-Türkiye
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    Small (0-500 employees)
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  • 4


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